Asset Management and Automation

Utility and Plant Asset Management and Automation system is an essential part to increase efficiency and life of components in both plants and distribution utility systems. Pacific Engineering has partnered with the world’s best Solutions provider enabling us to look at both hardware and software aspect. We have provided and customized solutions according to the needs of customer not only on the Power sector but also in Telecommunication, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas etc.

Our Services Include :

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Analysis
  • Implementation of Complete Automation and Energy Management Solution in Plants
  • Implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Smart Distribution Automation Systems for Power Utilities
  • Transformer Monitoring
  • Camlin TOTUS MT Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), Partial Discharge (PD), Bushing Monitor (BM) system
  • Generator Monitoring
  • Fault location and Management Systems
  • Smart Street Light Management System

Our Partners include :

Camlin : Fault Locators, DGA Transformer Monitoring, Network Management

Inhemeter : Distribution Automation system, Smart Street Light management system

Progea :Industrial Automation Software solutions for every Industry

Siveco : China’s largest Maintenance consultancy firm with in-house CMMS system