LIYU Pacific Steel Engineering (PVT.) LTD

Shanghai LIYU Steel Technology Co. LTD and Pacific Engineering jointly founded LIYU Pacific Steel Engineering (PVT.) LTD. This company aims to connect Pakistan with the world, and also radiate some areas including South Asia. Taking advantage of the 30-year experience of steel structural process and technical development in China, this new company strives to provide technical support, project management and product solutions for our customers in steel structural projects. We have worked with clients to create some of the most iconic structures in Pakistan. Our vision for our community is simple — we offer the best, we work the hardest and continuously meet our clients' expectations.


Indus Resources

Indus Resources is an Electrical Engineering, Construction & Management Company, rendering its services in the fields of Electrical Power Generation, Electrical Systems for Various Industrial & Commercial units, and Infrastructure Development for Telecommunication Sector etc. Indus Resources have served several multinational companies such as Ansaldo Energia of Italy, Daelim of Korea, BESIX of Belgium, Campenon Bernard of France, Telekom Malaysia, Houchin Power UK , Siemens & BRUCKNER of Germany and VIPATEX of Holand etc with the highest standard of quality and timely completion of the projects, with the aim to deliver beyond client’s expectations.


UA Instruments

UA Instruments was established for managing energy with best efficiency and providing services with our expert and experienced staffs for industrial automation field which has a very important role in ever-growing electronics sector. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial Electronics; producing variable industrial protection products, control relays, measuring equipment and customized products as per customer’s requirement.